29th April 2011

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Romanze “Sweet Harmony”


"Sweet Harmony"

by Aniello R. Barone

(Dedicated to Lori Bormet’s A Cappella choir on the event of their annual Spring Concert - but mostly, to the Beautiful Disaster from her Colonel Cupid)


My soul, my love, aches for thee -

Aches, aches for thee.

And if your eyes should look to me,

I plead my soul -

I plead my soul in broken strains of harmony…


In bonds of grief there lies your heart -

crying, dying for me!

How can I curse this loving plea,

Which once bore all my dreams?

Your tears of disdain shall not be shed in vain - my love.

CC and BD:

Stars shine no more in nights our hearts conceal to our dreams.

When, then, shall love take away our agonies?

Then love shall ever sing - in sweet harmony!

Lovers’ Souls (Choir):

All your griefs and pains I gladly bear

To see us share one more our dreams -

And live in harmony…

My soul, my love, aches for thee -

Aches, aches for thee.

(CC) Why do tears speak of joy in sorrow’s bane -

What gain is there in pain?

Lovers’ Souls (Choir):

In endless pain shall our eyes unveil our hearts’ desires of love.

May our souls know of joy once again - until then,

Our hearts shall say in silence, “I love thee,”

(CC & BD) In sweet harmony…

30th March 2011


Vita Mia, Mia Tesoro

"Vita Mia, Mia Tesoro"
~ Augustus M Romano

Vita mia, mia tesoro.
Senza fine sono le mie ricchezza, quando io sono con te.
Mai ho bisogno mentre si è vicino.
Mia stella, mia notte.
Si illumina le mie notti scure.
Hai gli occhi lucentezza come le stelle italiane; tuo seno basa nelle colline sulla campagna.
La notte risplende eterna nel caldo vento estivo quando sorridi.
Mia sorriso, mia piacere.
Vostra gioia è come un giorno cessare - mi lascia volere di più.
Io crogiolarsi in ogni tua parola che grazie alle mie orecchie.
Mia musa, mia passione.
La tua risata prende in giro il mio orecchio, la tua curva è sensuale incessante.
Come un buon vino, è sempre soddisfano.
Come una notte estiva, è caldo il mio cuore.
Tu fai il mio mondo sembrano un po ‘più ampio, tu mi fai sognare un po ’ più grande.
La tua musica e il canto mi lascia per sempre ballare.
E io sono a conforto, amore mia!
Come la passione della danza che arde nel nativi, la notte calabrese non cesserò mai.
Le fiamme di bruciare per sempre la nostra passione.
E noi siamo per sempre, amore mia.
Tu e I sono sempre.
Mi sciolgo al tuo tocco, io resto a vostra voce.
Tu mi completi; mi fai tutto.
Il nostro amore non morirà mai, come nativi ballare.
La nostra passione brucia come una tarantella.
E noi a ballare i nostri cuori ‘delizia.
E la passione brucia per sempre, come una notte estiva calde.
E allora risata…

My life, my treasure. 
Endless are my riches when I am with you. 
Never shall I need while you are near. 
My star, my night. 
You illumine my darkening nights. 
You eyes shine like the Italian stars; your bosom rests in the hills of the countryside. 
The night shines eternal in the warm, summer breeze when you smile. 
My smile, my pleasure. 
Your joy is like a ceasing day - it leaves me wanting more.
I bask in your every word that graces my ears. 
My muse, my passion. 
Your laugh teases my ear; your sensuous curve is never ceasing. 
Like a fine wine, you continually satisfy.
Like a summer’s night, you warm my heart. 
You make my world seem a little more wide; you make me dream a little bigger. 
Your music and song forever leaves me dancing. 
And I am in solace, my love! 
Like the passion of dance that burns in the natives, the Calabrian night shall never cease. 
The flames of our passion burn forever. 
And we are forever, my love. 
You and I are forever. 
I melt at your touch; I rest at your voice. 
You complete me; you make me whole. 
Our love will never die like the dancing natives. 
Our passion burns like a Tarantella. 
And we dance to our hearts’ delights. 
And the passion burns forever, like a hot summer’s night. 
And then we laugh…

5th February 2011

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Broken Wings

Broken Wings

~ Romantic-Gothic Poem ~

To soar on broken wings,

To shade the blazing flames,

To fall on tattered dreams,

To shield bright, golden rays,

The way the wind wields whisps of woe,

Desired darkness dreads the day,

Cruel curses coaxed the crow,

Writhing wrongs wrought my way,

In this, the rose will never bloom,

To hide my heart in shallow vain,

The winter crow’s black glare shall loom,

To veil my eyes from precious pain,

To shone this loving soul,

To hide what fate brings,

To turn a love so cold,

To forever soar on broken wings.

~ Augustus M. Romano

29th January 2011

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Above and Beyond: A Student Without Boundaries: 30 Days. Hopefully I'll actually do one a day this time XD →


1) Post 15 facts about yourself.
2) Write about the best friends you’ve had over the years.
3) If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you want to do?
4) Write about a period of time in your life where things seemed to be constantly going good.
5) Write about a period of time in your life…

17th January 2011


The Black Mask

"The Black Mask"
A gothic poem by: Augustus M. Romano

(1)Why do my eyes deceive?
Why do they boast a lie?
In a tumult of rage, I cry;
Has not this dreaded curse taken leave?
(5)Alas, the sagacious mask stay perched atop my heart.

It pecks away at my soul, with a pretentious might, 
And this face reveals a soul at unrest;
It ravishes in nothing but darkness.
Amidst the fearful heart appears her face,
(10)And sheer terror assumes my role.

That face, that face;
I can’t forget such an embrace!
The mere look she gives alights on my soul,
Now causes grief as she snatches painfully ahold;
A tortured heart forever touched by hers,
(15)And my mind, day by day, withers away - to nothing.

And I find myself, then, perched atop a hill.
I see a toxic, violet sky clouded by sadness.
I see a blackened forest, diseased of its own lustful sorrows,
I walk along to see a blackening road,
(20)Turning and swerving, wherever it please.

The forest grew in my sights with terror and horror as the moonlight stole away with the stars.
I heard not a presence or a noise but my own heartbeat;
I felt nothing but the woodland’s summer heat.
The forest grew thicker with thistle and thorns and stifled my path,
(25)But in a moment, I appeared in seconds amongst a quaint forest pond.

I approached the pond, as the moonlight shimmered in ripples and rivulets,
Dancing with the gentlest waves into a darkening night,
The pond had shown a face in the light;
I peered into the water, but into a countenance not of my own I feared,
(30)I jumped in cold amazement and cowered within myself - nigh be this terror that tears me asunder!

Its presence became clear and a shivering wind grew.
The branches moaned in a heartwrenching pain,
The wind whispered a false hope - a painted lie.
(35)A lie I grimace and wince at with a mere thought.

It whispered a song it carried from deep in the woods.
It was a young woman’s voice -a soprano’s sweet song prowls.
A sweet melody from afar quickly turned into a hideous howl,
(40)With every step, it grew louder in my ears - and I knew!

It brought guilt into my heart,
Followed by a savored and sweet pain;
Rage and anger flowed through my veins,
And I trembled with every note.
(45)Truly, my mind had gone insane!

The sweet melody was a torture to me!
The sweetest things caused me the greatest pain,
And amongst my sorrow, the sky grew dark with rain.
As I shed my tears, the heavens shared within my sorrow.
(50)I knew where I was now - in the bowels of my mind - but why?

The thunder crackled and roared,
With every fist I threw,
And from this moment I knew,
Madness had beseeched my whims;
(55)A servant of the most dastardly of deeds.

The voice grew louder with each crescendo and forte,
And the song, in a drone-like oscillation, grew ugly to my ears with every step,
The notes sweet, but the melody anxiously crept;
It stalked upon my soul,
(60)And terror overwhelmed me - but nothing was there.

And suddenly, amongst the night’s cry,
The black mask appeared!
It approached me and confirmed my worst fears;
My own mind was working against me now,
(65)Watching me slowly perish -my soul devouring itself.

Whether my soul be strong and my heart loyal to reason,
The ugly song swept over me - a treacherous reverie from the dreadful black mask,
And I recoiled with reluctance
 at this haunting past.
And as much ad I tried to fight, I peered into that face,
(70)And my worst nightmares and darkest dreams consumed me.

I found myself hanging in a mirrored room,
From a noose tied tightly ’round my head.
And soon the mirrors glowed horribly with an aura so crimson red,
And thus appeared a face so sweet - taunting me - haunting me in each mirror.
(75)I heard it elude me once more with the voice of that song - I know that voice and I must have it.

Fortunately, the madness stopped for a moment - not one moment more.
Then, in the blink of an eye, the noose broke and the mirrors shattered;
The glass below me broke the black floor and let my body as a whole slip through the tattered cracks.
I fell for what felt like an eternity, but was merely another moment.
(80)I fell into a room - covered in illuminous and illustrious daisy petals.

I followed that voice again - the voice!
Why did I love what haunted me most?
Nonetheless, I went forth like a creeping ghost.
I, looking pale and sickly, stalked down the daisy-lined path.
(85)All upon the walls of the tiny pathway - daisies! And why?

I opened up to a room full of light.
The light enveloped me and took my soul - and nothing more.
I must have been a nonentity, for I did not sense a limb move past the ominous door.
And then I found myself upon a large rose petal - ah, my favored flower!
(90)Nothing touched me more so than the sweet rose’s fragrance upon a romanctic’s serenity - picturesque perfection found only in my dreams!

And where the girl of my stalking dreams usually appeared came a chilling mask,
The mask, before my very eyes, with a sickening crack and twisted whirl,
Grew into a hideous changelling of my dream-bound girl;
(95)The shattered remains of a love I once knew.

But now, in front of me, was her dark shadow.
Her eyes were as black as coal but her beauty still there before me.
How could such a chilling disaster be so beautiful to see?
I, in awe, stared with a mixture of every emotion and the girl,
(100)And with a sickening and ear-piercing scream, she disappeared before me a shattered frenzy.

The romantic soul around me grew dull and so did my heart.
And the room melted away into -my very own room!
It was plain to most eyes, but how I longed for a fortress of solitude away from my doom!
But in the corner, my attention drew to a whimpering boy.
(105)He was whimpering and crying and turned around slowly - to gaze at me!

I was still in the cursed dream!
But the boy looked so familiar to my eyes;
I recognized the face - to be mine!
With a horrifying shriek, he trembled and shook.
(110)He cowered in terror as he began to clawed out his eyes with his bare hands - fear grew to become grotesque disgust.

I meant to stop him, but something stifled me and drew me back.
The room gradually disappeared, and it disappeared into nothing but evil’s greatest force.
I was in great darkness before, but this darkness boasted a force purely made of an evil remorse.
And the song I so longed for chanced my ears again,
(115)And played relentlessly into my ear - over and over, louder and louder.

Was this my punishment - for being a lost soul - for the rest of eternity?
It would be well-deserved to a soul so twist within its own mind.
I hung my head in defeat but reason and thought arose within me again, and I suddencly came to realize,
My madness was self inflicted, my guilt so built up,
(120)I waged a war on my own mind in hopes I would, somehow, kill myself - a death by a maddening and relentless pain.

I closed my eyes in hopes to set my soul free.
And when I opened my eyes, I awoke in a cold-sweat in my very own bed.
It was all a dream, it seemed -the madness built inside my head.
But my worst fear came to being that my nightmare had taken a physical form.
(125)For there, in the stormy night, the black mask peered through my window.

I would never escape its deathly grasps,
My worst fears had escaped the boundaries of my evil mind,
And the madness I tried so earnestly to find,
Manifested itself into reality due to my self-destructive nature,
(130)And while I cower in terror, the black mask watches contently my madness and sorrow - and will do so forever until life itself bears another ’morrow.

17th January 2011



My piano :)

13th January 2011


A Lenten Prayer

A Lenten Prayer

"My Soul, Lord Jesus, Aches For Thee"

Text and Music by: Aniello R. Barone

Assigned to the A Cappella Choir of Walther Lutheran High School on the event of their annual Sacred Concert (for SATB and Piano/Harp)

~ for the late Aniello Barone, grandfather; that he may rest in the Lord ~


"My Soul, Lord Jesus"

(Note: Indented lines pertain to a new section of the piece.)

     ~ Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?

Consummatum est. ~

     My soul, Lord Jesus, aches for thee

In this, my darkest of nights,

I plead my life, shining dawn to be.

I plead my soul to rise in thee.

Whom then shall set me free?

The tears of my life shall never bind my heart.

     The serpent’s guile and cursed flare cast my neverending pain,

For death and its empty promises writhe amongst my flesh

Have mercy on me, Lord!

A sinner left to scorn; a broken soul in agony

Whom then, O God, shall dry my tears?

My eyes, Lord Christ, will shine through thee.

     This valley of tears shall strain me not.

Reconcile my heart, O Christ, and lavish upon me

your everlasting love; the brush of angels’ wings.

For I shall never perish in spite and wrath, O Lord,

And death is not in vain. Rejoice!

     For His pain, despair, and death hath wrought our peace.

This life be not our doom nor fall,

In Paradise, I shall see you all.


9th January 2011


Day 9

Day 9

Two smileys that describe my life right now.



9th January 2011


Day 8

Day 8

Three turn-ons. ;)

1. Very intelligent and classy; well-rounded and a an artist/musician

2. Attractive to me (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old saying goes)

3. Very easy to talk to and a romantic (kind of reiterating my interests but hey, those are “turn-ons” for me)

9th January 2011


Day 7

Day 7

Four turn-offs :( Ew. (In some sort of order, but these all SUCK obviously :p)

1. SUPER clingy and annoying

2. Very unintelligent and pushy/bossy

3. Giving off the air of being better than everyone in the room (HATE THAT)

4. Pulling teeth to talk to; talking to a wall